Our Land

In the Languedoc region at FONT-MARS, our vineyards are situated on soils, in which fossilyed dinosaur eggs are found.
Our wines express this Mediterranean nature perfectly protected by a family, who’s history is intimately bound to the vineyard and wine since 1679, and to the Languedoc region since 1864.

The majority of dinosaurs laid eggs. But until recently, only a few dinosaur eggs have been found.In France, 1859 is the official date of the first discovery of dinosaur eggs. Since then, important discoveries in at least than 220 locations around the world have been made.In the Languedoc region at FONT-MARS, our vineyard is planted on a soil of the type limestone-clay, where fossils of dinosaur eggs are frequently found.
This is the witness to the nature and the history of this unique area.The dinosaurs, did not set on their eggs, but hid them in river-banks, and incubated them in heaps of fermenting vegetation, which gave off the required heat. It is in respect to this touching past, that we name property of FONT-MARS, the soil of dinosaurs.